DISCLOSURES: Out-of-pocket fees are for services not covered by insurance. We do not offer concierge medical services at this time. Please allow 24-72 hour turnaround time for responses. Owing to variability in concerns, appointments, weather, and road or traffic conditions, please allow a 2-hour window for provider/s to reach your home or place of residence.  This service is not intended to replace activating the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In case of a medical or psychiatric emergency, please go to the nearest emergency department or dial 9-1-1.

Office Hours

Geriatrics Services

Senior Care Clinic Medical House Calls

  • Annual or As-Needed Physicals
  • Lic 602 Physicians Report/TB Test
  • Full Laboratory/Diagnostic Testing
  • Adult Immunizations
  • Primary Care Management
  • Transitional Care Management
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Other services
  • We speak Spanish and Mandarin


Weekends & Holidays

Regular House Calls

Support Staff Hours

Medical care for homebound seniors. The goal is to achieve a quality of life at the current level of functioning. All new patients are assessed for eligibility or care preference. The support team can assist in establishing a visit.

(916) 543-1593

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Monday to Friday 

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM  - 5:00 PM


​12:00 NN to 1:00 PM 

Senior Care Clinic Medical House Calls

Senior Care Clinic Medical House Calls is closed on Weekends and Holidays, with exceptions. House call hours may change without prior notice. Please allow a 2-hour window for provider visits. Please call in advance to verify.

The Medical Board is the licensing agency for physicians and surgeons and other allied health care professionals in California, and is responsible for investigating complaints and taking disciplinary action against the license, if a violation of law is confirmed.

Toll-Free: 1-800-633-2322 Phone: (916) 263-2382 Fax: (916) 263-2435

Nurse Practitioners are regulated by the Board of Registered Nursing. Nurse Practitioner’s license may be checked and complaints against the Nurse Practitioner may be made: Board of Registered Nursing Attn: Complaint Intake PO Box 944210 Sacramento, CA 94244-2100 Fax: (916) 574-7693  www.breeze.ca.gov